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Dear Friends,

Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, entered time not as a conquering hero or as a mighty King. He did not even come as a nobleman, nor was he born into a family of wealth and position. He didn’t come down from heaven with the kind of fanfare that would enthrone him as Ruler of the Universe. No, the Word of God, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity came as a human infant. He was as tiny and vulnerable as the baby we see here. How amazing! God himself, God with us, Immanuel. Even more, he lived with us, ate, drank,learned, grew, played, cried, laughed and loved with us. How was his life different? First of course, he was always true God and true man. Second, he lived the sinless life we could not live. Third, he came to specifically to die for us; To trade his holy blood, his perfect life for our tainted blood and our sinful life. Jesus’ life was marked by obedience to his Father, his selfless service to mankind and the strength of his humility. Mission: Haiti seeks to follow the example set by our Savior
and obey the law of love by humbly serving our brothers and sisters in need.

Each one of you has assisted this past year, with the gifts, talents and resources you have shared so generously; your prayers, encouragement, talents, donations of shoes, dresses and school supplies in addition to funding the mission. Whatever your gift, we thank you genuinely. There is no question that we could not do what we do without YOU. We are only your hands, your feet, your heart moved by the Spirit of God to work for the good of our fellow man and for the glory of God.
Please enjoy the pictures. You will see the blessing of God brought by your answer to his call on your heart. Later, you will find the goals and projects for 2015 that will become reality only through your kind generosity. Please prayerfully consider making Mission:Haiti part of your giving plan for 2015 and help us transform lives through the Love of Christ.
Because of Christ, for the Cause of Christ,

Helen M. Roenfeldt


January – February
The January medical team works diligently with local nurses to care for hundreds of children and families in Jubilee and Jean-Louis. In February some great volunteers built a box on the back of a donated truck headed to Haiti. Besides donated clothing, shoes and supplies, St. Paul, Weston, FL filled the box with beans and rice.

April & May
The April team was a busy group. It was such a joy to work inside the new Jubilee church and community center made possible by an amazing gift from “Steal Her Heart” Jewelry. The medical team had so much room to work with patients, teach and give out clothing and other needed items. Oz and Brenda Hefner gave marriage workshops, Pastor Darrell Stuehrenberg taught at the seminary and the team visited the village of Jean –Louis to discuss a possible irrigation project. On our final night we had
the joy of helping to dedicate the new girls orphanage made possible by a generous gift from Shepherd of the Hills Church and School in San Antonio, Texas. Thirteen girls are now safe from the harsh, hungry streets of Jubilee. Each one of these girls has a story of hunger, poverty and loneliness. Now they are learning that God loves them, eating 3 meals a day, receiving love,
care, clothing and an education. None of these girls, ranging in age from 4 to 14 had ever been to school, had their
own bed or showered daily. They are happy, appreciative little girls and a joy to be around.

In May the Executives of the FL-GA District of the LCMS visited the projects of Mission: Haiti. They walked the streets of Jubilee, saw microloans in action, visited the orphanages, gave out clothing to orphans and traveled to sites of future projects.June & July
In June a meeting at the Food for the Poor offices in Port au Prince, began a partnership for nutrition assistance in 2015 for
the orphanages of both Lutheran Church bodies in Haiti. (Angel Aloma , Madam Dolce from FFP, Presidents Rev. Benoit
and Rev. Kessa from the respective Lutheran church bodies in Haiti and Lophane Laurent, Noel Dufort and Helen Roenfeldt.
Working with a group from Washington state in July we brought VBS to several locations. The theme of “God Created Me” told of God’s redemptive love for us through stories, songs and glittery finger-painted handprints. More than 250 children filled the church in Jubilee.

The August team from Shepherd of the Hills, San Antonio, TX was amazingly busy hosting a graduation party for the seminary students, a dinner for the seminary students’ wives, and bringing a wonderful birthday party, including piñatas for all the orphans.
They also brought backpacks and school supplies. Our Savior Church, Lake Worth FL, sent new clothes and school supplies. What a wonderful week!
Mission: Haiti provides support for 13 girls and 17 boys at the Children’s homes in Gonaives including school, clothing and 3
meals a day.

Travel to a new clinic location in the mountains took about two hours each way on nearly impassable roads to villages with no health care services. In 4 days of clinic the team saw hundreds of patients, taught basic hygiene, addressed pregnancy, infant care and gave out more that 300 dresses to little girls and shorts to little boys without proper clothing. Each team brings help and hope, fellowship and concern for our brothers and sisters. In our partnership with the local churches in Haiti we always point to God’s love for the people we serve, working alongside our Haitian brethren to grow in faith together as the body of Christ on earth. Watch for our Microloan Report and Irrigation Project pictures in our January Newsletter.

Looking Forward into 2015

The Children and Staff at the Homes in Gonaives made these glittery letters that say “Joyeux Noel! Merci beaucoup! To tell everyone how much they appreciate everything that was done for them this past year. The children are growing, happy
and working hard in school. The girls can now read and write their names and are happy to attend school. Please pray for
the children and staff. As always our primary focus is to give glory to God through all that we do. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is central and foremost Secondarily we desire to walk alongside our brothers and sisters in Haiti to assist them on their way
to self sufficiency. With those 2 goals in mind these are the projects and goals that MH in partnership with the Lutheran Church of Haiti is focusing on in 2015. You can help provide…

  • Food for 30 children $2400 a month.
  • Sponsorships available beginning at $25 per month
  • The implementation of The Community Health Project including…
  • Two clean water wells at a cost of $10,000 each. One for the 2 orphanages and one for the community of Jubilee.
  • Six sanitary latrines, 5 for the community of Jubilee, and one for the orphanage school. (Presently there are no latrines in Jubilee.)
  • Completion of the additions to the girls orphanage.
  • Continuation of microloan project. Provide funding for loans of $50-$100 to help families begin self sustaining businesses.
  • A church/community center/school in Jean-Louis $1,300.
  • Additional irrigation system to Jean-Louis to expand Community Garden Project. $6,000
  • Provide for medicines for medical clinics. $1,000 per trip.
  • Assistance with general/administrative expenses. Any amount. The administrative account pays our phone bill, travel, paper, mailing and the salary support of our Mission Director, our only employee.

Please consider giving monthly to Mission:Haiti so we can continue to give glory to God and be your hands and hearts in Haiti.